A family owned & operated business for over 30 Years.

why chose olde mill cabinetry?

                                               We do not have a board of directors whose pockets need lined. This business is family owned, and family operated, and therefor family friendly. 

                                                     We do not operate with dealers. We personally sell the cabinets, make the designs, make the cabinets and install the cabinets. 

                                                                 Unlike a lot of "custom" cabinet companies, we actually make our own doors, our own drawer boxes, and we do our own installs, just to name a few. 

we are family owned

There is no middle man.

everything is made in house.



since 1984...

we have been handcrafting and personally installing cabinets for every room in your home. When it comes to quality and cabinets that will stand the test of time, you can trust that your cabinets are in safe hands. We are known by builders, architects and homeowners for our skilled craftsmanship, quality products and detailed design process. We are a small business with few employees, which means that from start to finish your ideas, designs and cabinets are touched by very few people, which minimizes production mistakes by a very large percent! We handle everything from design all they way to installation. 

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